New Lego Stop Animation!

We (me and my friend) couldn’t come up with any good ideas for the Lego gaming house part three, so it got canceled.

Instead we made this.

Post a comment if you like it.



The Gaming House Part 2 – The Gaming Procedure

OK! We got our time down a little on this one. It’s longer and it only took us 4 hours.

We love the way the game disc goes into the player.

Watch for more Lego animations from us – we have plans!

Leave us a comment if you see this, ok?


The Gaming House Part 1 – The Arrival

Timmy and I created a Lego Movie today and it was awesome fun.

We have three parts planned and here is part 1.

Have you ever tried making a Lego movie? It is hard work. This took us about 6 hours.