Lego Arcade Machine

This is a minifigure sized arcade game. It model was constructed using 33 and a half pieces.

Here’s a fun little video I made – what do you think? Ever built an arcade game?

Lego Space Marines

I had to trade my friend to get this plasma missile - hope you like it! I had the purple mohawk and traded for the black one (from minifig series 10).

Have you ever built a Space Marine?

Pick Your Color Gumball Machine

Here is a Lego gumball vending machine where you can choose one of four colored gumballs.

Have you ever made anything out of Lego that works like this?

I’m thinking of making one that takes your dime, and gives you one of my pennies! Wanna try it?

Lego Monster Fighters Haunted House 10228 Review

I got the Lego Haunted House set 10228 a couple weeks ago.

It took me about 6 hours to build with my dad staying one step ahead of me on the parts list.

Lego Candy Machine

This is a Lego Candy Vending Machine that dispenses Tic Tac candies.

Leave a comment if you like it. I can show you how the guts of this thing works – it’s pretty cool and simple.

Have you ever made a Lego dispenser that collects money?

New figs!!!!

I custom made these Lego minifigs.

Is there one of the minifigs you like best?

If you suggest a guy you want me to make, I’ll try.

Leave  a comment.


Even Lego Mini Figures Have to Go!

The private business of a Lego minifigure isn’t proudly displayed in any of the kits I’ve seen. Well, I say we give them a chance to lighten their frontal load.

This was a lot of fun and I got to create those cool little urinal mints out of blue-tinted one dots.  FRESHHHHH!

James Bond (007)

I was looking at the trailer for sky fall and my mom said that “He gotta’ get a car, what, every minute?” so i made a Lego one.

like it?  Thought so.

Thanks for looking!!!!

Sand Fort

Hi. This is a desert bunker I made. Enjoy.

Write below if you likey!

Have you made something all one color?


The Forest Grande

My friend built a forest called Forest Grande!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!