The Gaming House Part 2 – The Gaming Procedure

OK! We got our time down a little on this one. It’s longer and it only took us 4 hours.

We love the way the game disc goes into the player.

Watch for more Lego animations from us – we have plans!

Leave us a comment if you see this, ok?


The Gaming House Part 1 – The Arrival

Timmy and I created a Lego Movie today and it was awesome fun.

We have three parts planned and here is part 1.

Have you ever tried making a Lego movie? It is hard work. This took us about 6 hours.


The Lego BatCave – or Bat Cave

I like Batman and making miniature versions of stuff I like.

It has a working elevator! Check out the video and pictures.

Have you made a mini version of anything that you like?

Musical Lego – My Piano

Did I ever tell you I play piano?

It’s one of my favorite things to do with my mom and I made this mini piano for her.

Pretty simple – my favorite addition was the light I put over the music holder.

Have you ever made an instrument out of Lego?


iPhone Contest – Timmy vs. Zed

Me and my friend had a Lego Duel Off!

We each made an iPhone and here they are. We even made a charger that fits both.

Have you ever made an iPhone?

Drop a comment and let us know who you think won.

Ultimate Lego Hideaway

The upper-story is soon to come!

For now, here is the ultimate downstairs hideaway (stash), complete with kitchen, hanging cups, sink, couch, large-screen TV, and most importantly, video games with remotes (x-box and Wii).

This was built by me and my friend Timmy.

Let me know what you think of it!


Smart Car

I was inspired yesterday when I saw a bright Honda Element with a black stripe – and a yellow Smart Car – in the same day!

Recon Team

If new reinforcements are needed, don’t pay for a cloning machine. The recon team is your team – and here is your team, ready for battle!

Check out the photo gallery and leave a comment below – I have more if you want to see them!

Lego Vending Machine

Hey Guys!

I made this vending machine and I want to show it to you. It’s probably a bit too complicated for photos so I made a video. That’s how I roll!

If you want to see how I made it then leave a comment.

Thanks, Zed


STM-32 Carrier – Lego Aircraft/Carrier

Today’s design is my STM-32 Carrier. By Zed. (me!)

It’s an awesome aircraft with compartment for three minifigures that can hold stuff.