Even Mini Figures Have to Go!

The private business of a Lego minifigure isn’t proudly displayed in any of the kits I’ve seen. Well, I say we give them a chance to lighten their frontal load.

This was a lot of fun and I got to create those cool little urinal mints out of blue-tinted one dots.  FRESHHHHH!

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  1. When ya gotta go ya gotta lego!

  2. Benjamin Corey

    The tiny mankind project. This is probably the most creative use of legos that I’ve seen. Everything else is a logical choice… space ship, car, but this is something you might really need if you have really small children.

    It actually looks like a real bathroom!

  3. Katrina Schneider

    TOTALLY laughing big time right now – I mean really, you’re right — even Hagrid and Bilbo and Luke Skywalker have to go pee somewhere!!

  4. Rox

    I love the flooring. I want it.

  5. Marianne reagan

    What a wiz!

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